Sheridan MacKnight, Chippewa/Lakota

In her own words:

"Ledger art is the way we remember our life...".

Sheridan MacKnight's ledger art champions and portrays native women and children in the most delicate. Her watercolor and gouache paintings are on old ledger paper as is traditional, but also on old sheet music, which is all her own. The sheet music from the first quarter of the 20th century, is often of romantic even stereotypical view of Native Americans yet Sheridan uses it as a canvas for her beautiful paintings; a gentle protest. Sheridan was once again a ribbon winner at the 2017 Santa Fe Indian Market.

Sheridan MacKnight's Work

  • “Unci Tawacin Win, Good and Compassionate Woman” by Sheridan MacKnight, Lakota $2200
  • SUNDAY BEST, Gouache on old ledger paper, by Sheridan MacKnight, Lakota $2350
  • PRAYERS TO UNCI MAKA’ (GRANDMOTHER EARTH), gouache on double 1914 historic sheet music, by Sheridan MacKnight, Lakota $3750
  • Hiawatha, gouache on historic sheet music, by Sheridan MacKnight, Lakota $1600
  • “Deer Woman”, gouache on board by Sheridan MacKnight, Lakota $1600