Zia Polychrome Bird Jar with Dots and Split Diamonds, c. 1940’s by Seferina Bell (1920-1986), signed with her painted bell drawing and “Zia Pueblo”


Seferina was one of the first potters to sign her pottery as early as the 1940’s, the period from when I believe this jar was made. Its use as a water jar is evidence of an earlier date than the ‘50’s or ‘60’s. Harlow and Lanmon note that “she also paints a red bird that is… parrot-like, with tiny-dot-outlined heart-shaped openings on body and wings.” This wonderful piece is of that type.

Size 7 1/2” X 10 1/2”
Condition one repaired crack, otherwise original condition with calcification and slip loss from pueblo use as a water jar; jar has a charming “lean”