Zia 4 Color with Birds and Deer possibly by Reyes Ansela Shije Herrera or Isabel Medina, c. 1910-20


Figure 6. An Early 20th Century Masterpiece: This lovely olla dates to 1910-20, a wonderfully creative period for exceptional Zia polychrome pottery.  Two birds and 2 deer are framed by lushly painted red rainbow bands that terminate with negative (white) feather caps.  Curving cloud-like elements painted in rich deep black also serve to frame the animals and the rainbow bands.  There are signs of rim and body wear, indicating a possible period of pueblo home use I've stopped short of an attribution to Shije Herrera since an Isabel Medina argument can be made too, largely due to the lushly rainbow bands.  The very white slip is consistent with other pieces documented and attributed to Shije Herrera. What is undeniable is the quality and beauty of this jar.

Condition Very good; some minor rim restoration, possibly to cover up ladle wear


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10" tall by 12" diameter