A Unique and Significant Cochiti Hybrid Dough Bowl with Strong Santo Domingo Influence c. 1890-1910


From an esteemed collection of unique examples of pueblo bowls comes this hybrid Cochiti dough bowl with most pronounced Santo Domingo influence. At first glance with its well used rich surface and traditional 6-pointed star design, the bowl looks decidedly Santo Domingo. However, the interior with its cloud and plant designs against a typical grey/white slip suggests Cochiti origin. Also, painting designs on the interior of large bowls is a strong Cochiti pueblo tradition, but not at all (until perhaps the 1990’s) common at Santo Domingo. So what gives? My guess is that this potter had both influences; perhaps a Santo Domingo woman marries into Cochiti, carrying her strong pottery tradition with her and adding the Cochiti design features. The red band at the top of the underbody suggests an early date of 1900 or before. So judging from the sheet existence of interior design, an accepted practice at Cochiti, this bowl was likely Cochiti made. Fascinating, rare, complex and beautiful bowl.

Condition amazingly excellent for its age
Provenance an important Phoenix collection
of fine and unique pueblo bowls


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7” deep by 12.5” diameter