Santo Domingo Large Polychrome Storage Jar With Birds and Spirals, c. 1900

Magnificent large utilitarian storage jars like this are among the great rarities of 19th century pottery. Why? One reason is that few potters had learned to make the very large vessels. Coiling, painting, and firing required a specialized set of skills. Another is that they were mostly used until they broke; a relative few were appreciated by collectors, purchased, and saved. This majestic jar was published in a 1936 book by Chapman, who possibly owned it. It was old then. It is round bottomed, meant to sit on a pueblo dirt floor. Its design is simple: two very large birds and large spirals with split botanicals. This is an exceptional and rare jar with majestic presence and fascinating provenance. A gem of its type!

Size 16″ tall x 16″ wide
Condition Old and well used, some stabilized cracks, but otherwise unrestored
Provenance An Ohio collector
Price Upon Request