Santa Clara Small Hummingbird Jar by Chris Youngblood

Chris Youngblood, at age 27, has already won the prestigious best of Pottery Ribbon at the 2014 Santa Fe Indian Market. Chris learned from the best. He is the son of potter extraordinaire Nancy Youngblood, grandson of Mela Youngblood and great grandson of Margaret Tafoya. Chris carries his family's history of excellence and innovation while using traditional methods.

This small piece features a simple polished hummingbird head accented with carved parallel lines depicting the wings and and wider diagonal carved lines for tail feathers. The surface alternates between polished area and matte, creating distinct black and silver areas. There is an almost Asian simplicity and beauty to much of Chris' work. This piece is no exception.

Size 3 1/2″ tall by 4″ wide
Condition New
Provenance purchased from the artist