Hopi Polychrome Sikyatki Style Jar with Minimal Design Fields, c. 1880s


This is a handsome and very unusual jar, predominantly black-on-white with small splashes of red at the beginning and ends of the long arc-like devices. The arcs trace parallel paths to an endpoint where pairs of parallel vertical lines suggest rain from a red diamond possibly representing clouds. Similar rain in diamond designs are also in the negative black and white panels with Kiva steps or lightning devices. The arcs create large open spaces in contrast to the heavy utilitarian feel of this fine jar. The minimal design also suggests (but doesn't prove!) that the jar was intended for use rather than sale. It is possibly coal-fired, thus the relatively early date. I really like this jar.

Size: 5 1/2″ tall by 8 1/2″ diameter
Condition: fine used unrestored original condition
Provenance: a Phoenix area collection of fine unusual bowls and jars