Gem Zia Polychrome Dough Bowl with Deep Rich Color and Patina, c. 1880’s


I’m going to try to suppress my excitement about this exquisite bowl. It is is decorated with traditional Zia dough bowl designs such as kiva steps, keyhole and crossed split leaves. All finely done. However, the glory of this bowl in in the rich paint and lush dark surface coloration from outdoor traditional outdoor firing enhanced by many, many tears of loving handling. The surfaces of fine Zia pottery often start matte, but the clay surface absorbs hand and food oils deeply. And if we’re lucky enough that the bowl was used long enough before being bought into the art market, the result is breath-taking. The exterior surface and inner bowl feel like glass. There is a large beautiful fire cloud on the bottom and a wide polished red underbody band, just one indication of early vintage. This is a gem.

Size 7.5” tall by 14” diameter
Condition astonishingly excellent for its age and
years of wear, unrestored with gorgeous patterns of wear