Early Cochiti Or Santo Domingo (Or Tesuque) Plain-Ware Dough Bowl With Inner Bowl Design, C.1880


Among my favorite old bowls are pueblo plain-ware and this one is special. Undoubtedly created for pueblo home use, this bowl pre-dates art market influence, probably dating to 1880’s. The interior design features 7 split leaves or perhaps nuts along with black clouds around the inner rim. Inner bowl painting is usually identified with Cochiti pottery, but occurred occasionally on Santo Domingo as well. (Contemporary Santo Domingo pottery master Robert Tenorio has paid homage to this tradition by decorating the inner bowls of his dough bowls.). The spare and warm exterior is unpainted except for the unusual use of a wide red band under the rim instead of at its usual place near the bottom of a bowl. It’s beauty and its modesty cannot be separated. This is a bowl for a discerning and discriminating collector, truly rare and satisfying. (To add to the mystery of this bowl, 2 pottery experts feel that this is a Tesuque bowl!)!

Size 7” deep by 14” wide
Condition Excellent, unrestored with ethnographic wear
Provenance a prestigious Scottsdale collection