About Dominique Toya

Dominique Toya is a 5th generation traditional Indian potter from Jemez Pueblo who adheres to traditional pottery making and firing methods yet with a modern and youthful flair. Her main early teachers and influences were her grandmother Marie G. Romero and her mother Maxine Toya. She studies now and fires with Nancy Youngblood, one of the preeminent and most historically important potters working today.

By the beginning of the 20th century, pottery had long been in decline at Jemez Pueblo until Marie G. re-introduced traditional pottery-making techniques including coil construction, use of native clays and slips and outdoor firing to a whole new generation of potters. That influence remains today.

So Dominique has essentially been potting since childhood. She is a talented and creative artist who blends traditional techniques with her own experimental and adventuresome sense of style. She loves calling me to say: "You'll love my new piece; it's something I've never made before!". Her numerous awards include: Best of Classification at the Heard Indian market in 2008, Best of Classification at the Santa Fe Indian market in 2009, Best of Classification at the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial in 2009, Best of Show at the Eiteljorg Indian market in Indianapolis in 2010 for a collaboration with Jody Naranjo, and Best of Division at the Santa Fe Indian market in 2013 for a collaboration with Nancy Youngblood; and 3 more ribbons at the 2015 Santa Fe Indian Market. And that is just a sample.

Her newest work are stone polished red and black pottery highlighted with micaceous swirls.

Master potter Dominique Toya of Jemez Pueblo says:

I am a traditional potter with contemporary designs and techniques. By traditional I mean we gather our own clay and temper and we clean them and mix them and fire outdoors with cedar wood.

Dominique Toya's Work

  • Jemez Polished Black Tewa Form Vase by Dominique Toya $600
  • Jemez Ribbon Winning Large Swirl Jar by Dominique Toya $7500
  • A Day with Dominique & Maxine Toya / Pottery Workshop 2016 $150
  • Jemez Vertical Swirl Box by Dominique Toya $3750
  • Jemez Polished and Matte Black “Fabrege” Egg by Dominique Toya $2400
  • Jemez Polished Red Jar by Dominique Toya $1800
  • Jemez Large 32 Swirl Oval Sun Vase by Dominique Toya $4500
  • Jemez Set of 3 Mini’s by Dominique Toya $2850
  • Jemez Polished Red Waterfall Jar by Dominique Toya $2500
  • Jemez Polished Gunmetal Black Waterfall Vase by Dominique Toya $2750
  • Large Micaceous Jar with Red Polished Swirls by Dominique Toya, 2015 $9500
  • Jemez Micaceous Swirl Jar with 20 Ribs by Dominique Toya $1500