Zia Pueblo 4-Color Canteen with Deer and Botanical Forms, attributed to Andrea Toribio Gachupin or Virginia Salas, 1920-1930


There is a canteen (Figure 12.19) in Harlow and Lanmon’s classic book, The Pottery of Zia Pueblo that is so similar to this wonderful canteen with a realistic deer. About it they say: “The softness of the fur is rendered with numerous brush strokes, and the artist also observed that deer have different-colored fur under their bellies…” Even the surface wear on that one is so similar to this that I am comfortable with a “possibly by” attribution to Andrea Toribio Gachupin or Virginia Salas. There is no sign of wear at the spout so this appears to be an early canteen made for the tourist market. A wonderful find!
Condition very good with scuff marks typical of the period


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5 1/2" tall by 6 1/2" wide to the outside of the lugs