Zia 4-Color Storage Jar with Pueblo Home Use

This is a wonderful storage jar from Zia Pueblo. It is large and thick walled; made for pueblo home use. It also beautifully formed and symmetrical; this was clearly made by a potter experienced in constructing large forms. The abstract and unusual design features capped spirals (most often identified with Zuni pueblo) and other design elements, all skillfully laid out in a pleasing, uncrowded manner. There are 4 distinct colors and a warm, used surface, but no chunks missing or major cracks; all evidence of years of heavy use, but careful handling of an beloved family heirloom. Zia has long been known for large storage jars and dough bowls. This is a lovely example.

Provenance: ex-collection of a Colorado family
Condition: original and unrestored with ethnographic wear

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16 3/4" tall by 17" diameter