Very Rare and Large Unpainted Zuni Dough Bowl, c. 1860’s-’80’s

One of perhaps 3 key pieces in my 2013 show “Used”, this important, rare and stunning bowl is similar to two documented bowls in the Smithsonian's collection, collected by James Stevenson in 1884. While those appeared to be freshly made, this truly great bowl is perhaps even more rare; a very large bowl that survived years of home use. It is singularly majestic in size and commanding in presence. Purchased off the pueblo, it remained out of the art market for many years. The years of ethnographic use has given its orange textural surface extraordinary warmth and depth of colors. This is a major, beautiful, and exceedingly rare bowl.

Condition: Very good with ethnographic wear and a stabilized rim to base crack; no other restoration or issues which is astonishing for such an old utilitarian bowl.

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10" tall by 20.25" diameter