Tesuque Double Handled Polychrome Vase with Bird, Snake, Corn, Lizard, c. 1880

A highly figurative vase-like form with multiple floating figures. The very fancy bird may be getting ready to eat the snake (or not)! The corn and sprouting elements seem to suggest that the piece could have been used in dances or feast days praying for rain. Or this non-traditional form could have been made to sell to Aaron and Jake Gold in the early 1880’s. The stone polishing is satin smooth to this day. The polished unslipped golden base and the red rim and base band create a De-facto 4 colors. A choice example.
Condition excellent for its age with
very minor slip lists near bottom
Provenance ex-collection a Tucson family

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9 1/2” tall by 7 1/2” wide