Superb Zuni Storage Jar with Gorgeous Patterns of Wear, c. 1880

This beautiful storage jar is one of the key ceramics in our 2013 show called “Used”. A near miracle of survival, this fabulous large jar was used until the neck was nearly gone. Perhaps the Zuni family of the original potter preserved it many generations until finally selling into the art market. How and when this jar found its way out of remote Zuni and into collectors' hands is a mystery. The fact that generations of collectors also protected this fragile jar from further harm is another kindness to those of us lucky enough to enjoy this jar today. The rim wear creates an undulating pattern around the jar. The remaining clay once carefully extracted from hidden pueblo places now is razor thin yet clings to life as it has for well over 100 years. This major jar is all warmth, nurture, and love; it teaches us how to really see beauty in pueblo ceramics and in the revered clay of northern New Mexico.

Condition: original unrestored with extensive wear from pueblo home use

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