Superb 4-Color Olla with Rainbow Bands and Ethnographic Wear, c. 1890

I recently re-acquired this great Zia to my even greater delight. When I've introduced collectors to the beauty of used pottery, this has been a jar I turned to. It's delights are many and profound: deep, deep patina from use and handling; warm and lovely rim wear from old pottery ladle use; masterful high shouldered jar construction; orange and red colors deepened with wear and at 10″ by 13″, a large olla. In essence, this jar is about pueblo home use and, subsequent wear and surface beauty. And it's one of my favorite jars in 23 years of collecting and dealing fine historic pueblo pottery.

Condition: no restoration with lush ethnographic wear
Provenance: ex-collection of Tom Holmes, MD. Ex-collection of a Santa Fe collector

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