“Small”: Zia Red on Orange Child’s Olla with Interlocking Band and Feathers, c. 1910

This modest, lovely example features clouds, dots and deep red capped feathers which interlock with an equally deep red mid-body band. The kiva steps in the upper body have their mirror image in the lower body. The jar has been well handled resulting in a rich patina which enhances the already deep coloration. It is thickly potted; heavy for home use. Perhaps the jar was created with the emerging art market in mind, but the potter constructed the jar for utilitarian use, thus hedging her bet in a way. We can’t tell 100 years later what the potter’s original intent was. A ceramic made to sell would be put to use in the home if it wasn’t purchased. It’s a mystery that many historic pueblo ceramics keep well hidden from us today; one of the reasons why we still cherish them.

Condition is excellant, unrestored and original.

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