Rare and Magnificent San Ildefonso Black-on-Black Large Storage Jar by Carlos Dunlap, Jr. (1958-1971)


Carlos Dunlap, Jr. son of noted potter Carmelita Dunlap was on way to stardom when he died tragically in 1981 at only 23 years of age. He excelled in traditional San Ildefonso black-on-black pottery of his own and painting his mother's potteries in collaborative effort as well. Those pots were signed jointly by Carmelita and Carlos. At the time of his death he was showing an ability to work large, but this period was so brief that his large work is exceedingly rare. This is one of the largest and most stunning examples of his work I've ever seen. It is formed beautifully, tapering from a wide mid- body to a narrow base. An abundance of traditional and innovative designs are arrayed from the rim all the way to the base in a youthful exuberance as if he didn't want to stop painting this magnificent jar. There is a a wonderful circular fire cloud 3″ up from the base that looks as if candle light is shining on the jar. This is a rare opportunity to own a spectacular piece of San Ildefonso contemporary pottery history.

Size 13″ tall by 16″ diameter
Condition Fine with one repaired rim chip and a few minor scuffs
Provenance ex-collection Lyn A. Fox, Ex-collection an Espanola dentist, A Tesuque, NM collector