Jemez Butterfly Lidded Polished Red Swirl Jar by Camilla Toya


This is a beautiful example of Camilla's work. It is beautifully formed, straight and elegant, stone polished and traditionally fired. While the characteristics of Toya family pottery are apparent (her mother is potter Maxine and sister Dominique Toya, both renowned potters too), Mia's style is all her own. And the triumph of this beautiful piece are the deep carved and very narrow swirls (31 of them!) and the delightful and precisely fitting butterfly lid. Mia's pottery production is small due to her full-time teaching career, so we are so fortunate to have this especially fine jar for our A Family Affair show.

Size 6″ tall with lid and 5 1/2″ wide
Condition New
Provenance purchased from Camilla Toya