Hopi Polacca Polychrome Jar with Tabletas and Split Feather Designs, c. 1800-1850

Probably coal fired to a high temperature rich finish, this jar has aspects characteristic of an early vessel by Nampeyo of Hano. However, I believe it is far older than that. It is decorated with an early split leaf motif and with groups of 4 dance tabletas, one pair over its mirror image. The Sitkyatki form is one we identify closely with Nampeyo, but the Sikiyatki form itself is very old. I believe this jar dates to the first half of the 19th century. Regardless, if is a fascinating and possibly important jar.

Condition excellent, unrestored
Provenance many generations in an Albuquerque family

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6 3/4" by 10 1/2"