Hopi Polacca Bowl with Zuni Designs and Ethnographic Wear, c. 1890


Wonderful old Hopi bowl with painted design on the interior. The glorious designs (birds, capped ovoids, parallel rain lines, etc.) are intact despite the wear and decidedly Zuni possibility reflecting 19th century migration of some Zuni people to Hopi. The inner bowl is fired to a deep orange while the exterior is fired yellow, purple and gold. The rich dark fire clouds are possibly from old coal firing that was used on Hopi pottery in the 19th century and give the exterior the appearance of a golden sky with dark clouds. Fine and rare!

Size 6.5″ deep by 14.5″ wide
Condition fair with 2 areas of stabilized cracks and old inner and outer 1″ chips from wear; no plaster fill or overpaint
Provenance a Utah collection