Extraordinary Santo Domingo Dough Bowl, c. 1880’s

Perhaps one of 3 key pieces in my 2013 show “Used,” this astonishing dough bowl is utilitarian pueblo pottery at it's warmest and finest. It is simply a huge 20″ in diameter bowl with graceful and rounded mid-body; the creation of a master potter. The exterior surface is creamy and patinated from many years of handling. The design fields of traditional geometrics are arrayed in vertical fields, separated by negative (white) vertical lines, creating an effect of great spaciousness.The interior has old dough and food residue and piñon pitch native repairs; a testament to a food bowl and mothers who cared deeply for their families for many years. A wide red band on the underbody is one indicator of likely 19th century creation.

20 inch 19th century Santo Domingo dough bowls are rare; this one is perfection in warmth, wear, and beauty.

Condition: fine with 2 minor hairline cracks professionally repaired and substantial ethnographic wear.
Provenance: Ex-collection of Dwight Lanmon

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10.5" tall by 20" diameter