Exceptional Acoma 4-Color Water Jar with Birds, c. 1890’s

This is a beautiful old jar with vivid color and a warm well handled and used surface. In addition to the 4 birds, there are rainbow bands, heart-shaped flowers, bisected leaves and berries. Coloring varies (adding a 5th brown color), a natural and welcome outcome of the outdoor natural firing process.The jar also leans a bit, adding a warmth from a time when such an “imperfections” did not detract from a pueblo view of beauty. Our modern exacting standards have led, for example, to the virtual rarity of traditional firing and harsh judgement of modern pottery that is not perfectly symmetrical and finely detailed. This is a fine jar to cherish from a more innocent time.

Condition: original, unrestored with surface wear

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10.5" tall by 10.5" diameter