A Day with Dominique & Maxine Toya / Pottery Workshop 2016


A Unique Opportunity. Spend the day in Jemez pueblo learning, feasting and creating with award-winning pueblo potters Dominique and Maxine Toya

Your day with Dominique begins with coffee, Native cookies and pies. Class begins with an introduction to Jemez pottery, Dominique, Maxine and the Toya family's pottery tradition. Then you will mix clay and make your own piece with Dominique's guidance. A break for lunch will include a Jemez feast. After lunch you will sand, design and paint, with Native clay, ornaments that Dominique has created for you. After painting, the firing process begins. The piece you created will be fired and signed by you and Dominique Toya. Shipping is optional.

Saturday, September 24th
10am – 5pm
Price $150 (includes materials and lunch)
If you purchase pottery during the workshop, your workshop fee will be reimbursed. Shipping not included.