Cochiti Polychrome Storage Jar with Traditional Cloud and Rain Design, c. 1880’s

This is an exceptional storage jar, pre-dating tourist influence and likely made for pueblo home use. The neck is decorated with 6 pointed stars, a borrowed design element from nearby Santo Domingo pueblo. The main design are very spare florals descending from the neck and floating in the mid-body. The lower flowers have traditional Cochiti cloud and rain motifs. The very great warmth is derived from the warm surface patina and the wide open negative spaces, the latter a strong indication of an early pueblo minimal design esthetic. Galleries in the years to come would demand more decorative elements of more complexity. So how fortunate we are to have this fine and important example of a simpler time.

Condition: Very good with a couple of minor scrapes and a small amount of over painting from many years ago; no plaster fill; all in all very good and remarkable for for its size and age.
Provenance: an Indiana collection.

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14 1/2" x 16 1/2" diameter.