Cochiti Deep Serving Bowl with Birds, Snake, Frogs and Mountain Lions, c. 1890


Try to ignore the rather extreme condition issues with this bowl and just enjoy it’s fabulous imagery and history. And, no mistake, this is a wonderful bowl. First, it’s beautifully formed, deep and elegantly rising from a narrow base. Then its imagery: inside there’s a prominent black snake. Then a parade of winged black birds and frogs. The exterior is decorated with rain symbols from the rim as well as alternating mountain lions and spotted birds. The surface is a lovely slipped and patinated white. For the right collector, this jar is a find. In perfect condition, it’s a $4500-7500 jar. So it is as it is: a profusely decorated old bowl that served its pueblo owners well for many years.

Size 7” tall by 12” diameter
Condition & Provenance Extensively used bowl
with much surface loss from water wear; broken
and put back together. The owner is
Andy Goldschmidt, pottery restoration
specialist, who put this broken jar back
together and has owned it unrestored for 20 years.