Black: Santa Clara Vase w/Delicate Handles, c. 1930′s

Revision: on August 25, 2011, I went to Santa Clara pueblo to show this vase to Toni Roller, Margaret Tafoya’s daughter. As I removed the vase from my bin, Toni immediately exclaimed: “It’s my mother’s (Margaret Tafoya) from the 1930′s”. Toni is writing a letter for me, attributing the vase to Margaret. That letter will go to the purchaser of the vase.

The following is my original gushing description of this incredible example of Margaret Tafoya’s mastery of less traditional forms.

Elegant and lovely vase with the most delicate handles I’ve ever seen on an historic Tewa vase.  This vase from Santa Clara features beautiful flawless polish and was likely created for a growing tourist trade or commissioned as the Fred Harvey Detours were making Santa Clara pueblo a regular stop.  That is speculation, but what is not is that this vase was created by a masterful potter.

Condition is excellent.

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