Acoma Polychrome Storage Jar, attributed to Mary Histia, c. 1930

Figure 16. Mary Histia (1881-1973) was a master potter at Acoma creating traditional and particularly fine black-on-white examples prior to the 1920's. According to Rick Dillingham in his classic book Acoma & Laguna Pottery, Histia then adopted the tourist and gallery influenced revival in the 1920's and beyond. Figure 18 in that book on page 162 is a full page illustration of a smaller jar than mine, “made by Mary Histia” in 1931 and with designs elements very similar to this jar. Dillingham's description could describe my jar: “A revival of earlier allover red-slipped pottery, this jar has a design that includes 2 large medallions with bird and floral motifs and geometric fill elements. The white spots painted on the bird have been common at Laguna and Isleta nice the advent of the tourist period.” Histia experimented in form, slips and designs. The white on the flowers was likely added by Histia, post-firing. Her large examples are exceedingly rare, adding to the fascination of this dramatic jar.

Condition: some minor scuffs, but excellent for its age
Provenance: a Santa Fe collection

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15 1/2" tall x 18" diameter