Acoma 4-Color Small Water Jar with Extensive Ethnographic Wear, c. 1910


Beautiful and early Acoma small jars are rare, especially so with 4 rich, vivid colors; doubly so as examples of pottery that saw extensive home use. This jar has all of these features and more. The red slipped interior neck shows the potter's loving finger tracks as she extended the long graceful neck of the jar. There is a large wonderful fire cloud. the jar is gracefully and thinly constructed. Extensive wear is not for everyone. Jars like this demand more of us, asking us to feel the loving intention of the potter to create an object that would do the daily work, the constant hard work of real family love. And then it seems to ask us to allow that experience of family life to open an inner door for us, allowing us to see many years, many layers of beauty in this fine old jar.

Condition: original, unrestored with slip loss from pueblo home as a water jar
Provenance: A 100 year old collection out of Manuelita,, New Mexico


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7 3/4" tall by 10" diameter