20th Century Masterpiece: Rare Gem San Ildefonso Black-on-Black Wedding Vase by Popovi Da, 1965


From 1959-1971, San Ildefonso pueblo pottery master Maria Martinez (1887-1980) entered a golden age by collaborating with her son, Popovi Da (1923-1971), a superb potter and painter in his own right. Most of their output was signed “Maria and Popovi.” Due to the time constraints from their collaborative efforts, Popovi was able to produce very few works on his own and his large great jars are great rarities. So from a major Santa Fe collection comes this important large wedding vase, one of only 2-3 that he ever created and signed alone. It is stone polished to a high sheen, painted beautifully with variations on feather designs and fired by Popovi Da to a rich gun-metal silver black; firing to a gun-metal finish another of his rare talents. When Popovi Da was satisfied with the quality of a piece of pottery he would date it and also sign; in this case 865 for August 1965; so clearly made for display at the 1965 Indian Market in Santa Fe. This is a 20th century pueblo pottery masterwork, published on page 104 of Richard Spivey's classic book on Maria Martinez.

Size 14″ tall and 9″ wide
Condition Excellent
Provenance a prestigious Santa Fe collection