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  • San Ildefonso Bear Lidded Miniature/Small Oval Box with Incised Deer by Russell Sanchez $4200
  • Jemez Polished Red Jar by Dominique Toya $1800
  • San Ildefonso Long Necked Red and Sienna Jar with Elk and Lone Mountain Turquoise by Russell Sanchez $4400
  • Santa Clara Tall Necked Double Rainbow Vase by Jason Ebelacker $2250
  • Jemez Large 32 Swirl Oval Sun Vase by Dominique Toya $4500
  • Zuni/Hopi Dough Bowl with Checkerboard and Heart Line Deer by Tim Edaakie and Bobby Silas $1050
  • Large Micaceous Jar with Red Polished Swirls by Dominique Toya, 2015 $9500
  • Jemez Micaceous Swirl Jar with 20 Ribs by Dominique Toya $1500
  • Santa Clara Carved Red and Gold Jar with Polished and Matte Surface by Jordan Roller $1350