Darance Chimerica

I reside on Third Mesa in the village of Hotevilla. I have been carving going on 17 years. I have been influenced and taught by family members, along with a friend of mine, Bendrew Atokuku. All my paints re natural earth mineral paints that I hand collect, crushed to a fine powder, adding water and juniper sap as an adhesive. My tools are all hand wood tools, files, knives, saws, and razors. I try to stick to the traditional method of carving; at times it can be a challenge. I try to carve kachinas as how I see them in physical form; some I carve through word of mouth. Ernie Moore was another big influence in my carving. I have made dolls replicating some of the styles he would create, which were unique. My materials are tanned leather, string, pheasant feathers, duck and parrot feathers. I have been fortunate with the places. the shows, and the people I have met while exposing what I do.

Darance Chimerica's Work

  • Butterfly Maiden Katsina doll by Darance Chimerica $850
  • Hon or Bear Katsina doll by Darance Chimerica $400
  • Thunder and Lightning Katsina doll by Darance Chimerica $400