Opening August 8th / Small

May 21, 2012By Lyn Fox No Comments

This is a show that I believe is really about love. It features smaller examples of pottery that most probably predominated in pueblo homes, including child sized water jars, chili bowls, and serving bowls. These are pottery items that served food and water at family meals. I decided to call this show simply “small”; old … Read More

Gem San Ildefonso Polychrome Olla with Birds, c. 1890-1900

May 4, 2012By Lyn Fox No Comments

Stunning and superb olla with cascading birds and slipped white top to bottom to open pleasing effect. The birds are fantastic in all senses of the word; beautifully and delightfully rendered by a master pottery painter (Alfredo Montoya?). The all over soapy white slip allows the birds to seemingly float through a clear, spacious field. … Read More