Cochiti Bear Family by Seferina Ortiz

October 21, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

Simply charming and delightful bear family by Seferina Ortiz, dating to perhaps c. 1975.  This is not a traditional storyteller of course since it does not feature one central mother or father with multiple children.  But Seferina came from a long family tradition of figurative pottery and was a master of many forms. This is … Read More

Cochiti Singing Mother by Ada Suina

October 21, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

This is a warm and wonderful old style singing mother by Ada Suina, perhaps Cochiti’s preeminent potter of traditional storyteller forms.  The slightly turned head adds subtle movement; the piece is formed and painted beautifully.  Note the bulge of the arm under the delicately carved shawl and the fine lines on the shawl’s fringe, visible … Read More

Cochiti/Tesuque Pueblo Cup, c. 1910

October 15, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

This is a wonderful cup, c. 1910. With rather unconventional designs, I think it likely to be Cochiti orTesuque In origin, but it could be from Kewa (Santo Domingo) Pueblo as well. It is 3″ tall and 4″ in diameter. It’s main design feature resembles, well, martini glasses encircling the cup. There is a framing … Read More

Cochiti Small Basket with Bird Heads, C. 1910

October 14, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

This delightful item is a ceramic basket with an arching handle which is 6″ tall to the top of the handle and 5 1/2″ wide.  It is from Cochiti Pueblo and dates to 1920 or earlier.  It is another excellent item from the Robert Nichols collection of small pots. It is quite well constructed; walls … Read More

Large Kewa (Santo Domingo) Storage Jar, C. 1900

October 14, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

This is a large storage jar from Kewa (formerly Santo Domingo) Pueblo, just south of Santa Fe.  It dates to the early part of the 20th century or perhaps earlier and stands 18″ tall by 14″ wide. The designs are simple and traditional; two fields of 6 pointed stars; small distinct ones in the neck; … Read More

Kewa (Santo Domingo) “Transformation” Olla, c. 1890

October 6, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

I have a close personal connection to this stunning old olla pot (water jar).  It is, if memory serves, the second historic jar that I ever bought, having purchased it in the early 1990’s from Al Anthony at Adobe Gallery, then in Albuquerque.  I enjoyed it at home for many years, then brought it briefly … Read More