Santa Clara Black Wedding Vase by Christina Naranjo

December 8, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

Christina Naranjo was a well respected potter specializing in traditional carved black and redware.  She grew up observing and learning Santa Clara pottery making at its finest since she was Sarafina Tafoya’s daughter and older sister of famed potter Margaret Tafoya.  This wedding vase is a beautiful example of her work possibly dating to the … Read More

“From Aunt Mary…” Tewa // Then & Now

November 24, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

  “From Aunt Mary…” Tewa // Then & Now Opening December 7, 2012 with a reception from 5-7PM/Gallery talk 6PM with Lyn and Potter, Lonnie Vigil at 200 Canyon Road, Santa Fe Early in the 20th century, a New Mexico missionary gave an old polychrome jar to her niece, Phyllis Tull, in Chicago. On the … Read More

Laguna Small Jar with Checkerboard Design, c. 1880’s

November 10, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

This is a stunning small jar from Laguna Pueblo.  It is 8″ tall by 8 1/2″ in diameter.  The rim is black and there is a double framing line between the mid-body and base. The design features a checkerboard motif with butterflies(?), flowers(?), propellers(?); well, your guess is as good as mine.  What is wonderful … Read More

Cochiti Bear Nativity Set by Seferina Ortiz

November 3, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

This lovely 6 figure Nativity set by Cochiti potter Seferina Ortiz probably dates to the 1970’s or early 1980’s.  Seferina was a prolific master of traditional figurative pottery.  She grew up watching her family create figures.  Her great aunt was making animal and bird effigies early in the 20th century and her Laurencita was was … Read More

Cochiti Storyteller with 10 babies by Felicita Eustace

October 21, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

This is a warm and wonderful storyteller by 83 year old Felicita Eustace.  There are 10 very happy boy and girl babies some holding drums, others pottery.  The mother is adorned with a squash blossom necklace and the children squirmy and raucous, while often appearing to organically emerge from the mother’s body (see the last … Read More

Kewa (Santo Domingo) Very Large Dough Bowl

October 21, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

This is very large dough bowl from Kewa (formerly Santo Domingo) Pueblo.  It is 11″ tall by 19″ in diameter; it is relatively thick walled and the large design elements (and large fire cloud) even the wide band at the top of the underbody serve to underscore it’s large presence.  This bowl feels and looks … Read More

Tesuque Small Jar with Clouds and Rain, C. 1890’s

October 21, 2010By Lyn Fox No Comments

This is an superb small jar from Tesuque pueblo, dating to perhaps the 1890’s.   It is is high shouldered with the neck emerging from a flattened band at the top of the midbody; to dramatic effect.  The white slip is creamy and soft making a lovely backdrop for the cloud and rain designs.  The … Read More