Santa Clara Carved Jar with Avanyu by Betty Tafoya, c. 1980

February 15, 2011By Lyn Fox No Comments

This is a beautifully carved, formed and polished jar by Betty Tafoya, Lee’s wife and Margaret’s daughter-in-law.  Betty, who was Anglo, took on traditional Tafoya family pottery designs and methods, adding her own subtle artistic touches.  In this case, the accelerating tapering of the mid-body makes this a particularly elegant jar.  The polish is mirror-like … Read More

Rare Cochiti Storyteller with Two Children by George Cordero, c. 1980

February 11, 2011By Lyn Fox No Comments

George Cordero (1944-1990) was famous Cochiti Storyteller originator Helen Cordero’s son.  He was active as a storyteller artist for only a few years, exhibiting at the Santa Fe Indian Market from 1985-1989 (See Schaaf’s book Southern Pueblo Pottery, page 100).  He was, of course, taught and greatly influenced by his mother’s work.  The resemblance between … Read More

Cochiti Nativity Scene by Mary Anderson

February 5, 2011By Lyn Fox No Comments

This is a lovely little Nativity scene by veteran Cochit potter, Mary Anderson.  Joseph’s blanket and Mary’s shawl are sparingly painted against a field of simply beautiful Cochiti white slip.  I bought this piece from Mary this past September while visiting her and her husband at Cochiti.  She is still using traditional Cochiti slip and … Read More

Cochiti Storyteller with 6 Babies by Mary Anderson

February 5, 2011By Lyn Fox No Comments

Lots of children and not all are happy; good thing that they have a patient mom.  This is a very cute little figure onto which Mary has somehow scrunched 6 children, some holding pots, drums, etc.  I bought this piece from Mary at her house in Cochiti just recently.  She is still active and still … Read More

Cochiti Storyteller by Felipa Trujillo

February 4, 2011By Lyn Fox No Comments

This wonderful figure is by Felipa Trujillo who began making storytellers in the 1960’s.  She is prominently featured in Babcock, et al’s classic book The Pueblo Storyteller.  In fact, this figure has many similarities to the one on color plate 10 in the Babcock book.  Lke that one, this includes 4 children; the mother has … Read More

Cochiti Bear Storyteller by Louis Naranjo, 1981

February 3, 2011By Lyn Fox No Comments

We are so fortunate as part of our February 2011 Cochiti Storyteller Show to have major and superb examples of the work of the late Louis Naranjo and his mother, Francis Naranjo Suina.  This bear storyteller is one of Louis’ very first.  It is well known, illustrated in Barbara Babcock and the Monathan’s book The … Read More